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1. Where is your location?
A. Asia B. Europe C. Africa D. South America E. USA & North America
2. Which will be your most concern when selecting products and service?(two items selected up most)
A. Brand B. Quality & Price C. Attitude of Service D. After-sales service E. Payment terms
3. Which main areas are your engaged in?
A. Petrochemical B. Gas C. Transportation D. Building Decoration E. Machinery
F. Others (Please Specify)
4. What’s your evaluation of our products and service?
A. Very satisfied B. Satisfied C. So-so D. Dissatisfied E. Very dissatisfied
Brief Evaluation:
5. The other fields that you are interested in:
A. Shoes B. Jewelry C. Wedding dress D. Motorcycle and accessories E. Furniture
Brief Evaluation:
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